The Euro has dropped again versus the dollar and airfare to Italy has also dropped, so let's add a few more words to our Italian vocabulary that might come in handy in case you decide to take advantage and book a trip to Italy.  Are you listening to the http://www.learnitalianpod.com/ podcast?  It's FREE on iTunes and only $14.95 per month to become a Premium Member.

Grande                              Big

Piccolo                               Small

Caldo                                 Hot

Freddo                               Cold

Buono                                Good (Used to describe food)
NOTE: If you are describing how food tastes, you use Buono or Buona; if you are describing someone's looks, you use Bello or Bella which means beautiful or handsome.

Cattivo                                 Bad                              
NOTE: If you are describing how food tastes, you use Cattivo or Cattiva; if you are describing someone's looks, you use Brutto or Brutta which means ugly.

Aperto                                 Open

Chiuso                                 Closed

Vicino                                   Close or Near

Lontano                                Far



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This video really explains the renting instructions in detail (NOTE: prices have risen slightly since this video was made):

For more information, click here for the Villo website.