Let's learn a few more words of Italian that may come in handy during your visit to Italy!

            Bagno                                         Restroom/Toilet

            Dove è il bagno?                          Where is the toilet?
            (DOUGH-vay eh ill BAHN-yo?)

            Il mio nome è...                            My name is...
            (ill ME-o NO-may eh...)

            Io ho una prenotazione.                I have a reservation.
            (EE-o oh OO-na pren-NO-ta-zee-o-nay.)

            Dove posso comprare...?              Where can I buy...?
            (Do-VAY PO-so COM-prar-ray...?)

            Io vorrei...                                     I would like...
            (EE-o VOR-ray...)

            Biglietto                                        Ticket

            Museo                                          Museum

             Mi può aiutare?                            Can you help me?
             (Me Pwoh AYE-u-tar-ray?)

             Oggi                                            Today

             Domani                                        Tomorrow

             Ieri                                               Yesterday


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