Buon giorno i miei amici!

Let's learn more Italian words that may come in handy during your trip:

If you need to buy a train ticket:

Io vorrei un biglietto per Roma.                   I would like a ticket to Rome.
(EE-oh vor-RAY oon bee-YET-toe pear Roma)

Solo andata                                                 One way
(SO-lo an-DA-ta)

Andata e ritorno                                           Roundtrip
(An-DA-ta aye ree-TOR-no)

Binario                                                          Platform

Carrozza                                                      Train car

Posto                                                            Train seat

Il treno è in ritardo.                                       The train is late.
(ill TRAY-no eh in REE-tar-do)

Let's continue with numbers:

Undici                                       11

Dodici                                       12

Tredici                                      13

Quattordici                                14

Quindici                                     15

Grazie and ci vediamo!

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