We lost our beautiful, beloved cat, MayMay on Friday.  She brought such joy and happiness to our lives for over 14 years.  I loved taking photos of her especially in Black and White.  So in an effort to help me through the grieving process, here are some of my favorite photos of my pretty girl:

MayMay, this is Mommy's tribute to you.  I love you so much and my heart is breaking because I miss you so much.  I miss hearing you jump down from somewhere you shouldn't have been.  I miss hearing the tinkling of the bell on your collar when you ran down the stairs.  I miss feeling your 6-pound body walk across the bed (and me) when I was trying to sleep.  I miss you snuggling with me at night while I read before bedtime (and trying to read through you and around you).  I miss you sitting in the bathroom while I took a shower (and making sure I knew you were there), waiting for me to give you the water bowl which was within easy reach...you just wanted me to put it right in front of you which I always did.  I miss you "exercising" your paws on the basket in my bedroom.  I miss singing you those silly songs I made up about you.  I miss you greeting me when I came home from work.  I miss rubbing your tummy and scratching your back.  MayMay, I just miss you so much...

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