Italy is on a far horizon now, but I am still listening to Max and Jane through my http://www.learnitalianpod.com/ podcast.  So let's add a few more words to our Italian vocabulary that might come in handy on your trip to Italy:

Macchina Fotografia Digitale    Digital Camera
MA-key-nah fo-toe-grah-FEE-a dee-gee-TAH-lay)

NOTE: The Italian word camera means room.

Fotografia                                   Photograph

Francobollo                                 Stamp

Ufficio Postale                             Post office
(u-FEE-cho po-STA-lay)

Cartolina                                      Postcard

Chiave                                         Key

Sinistra                                         Left

Destra                                           Right

Carne                                            Meat

Pesce                                            Fish

Pollo                                              Chicken

Insalata Mista                                Mixed Salad
(in-sah-LA-tah MEE-stah)

Panino                                           Sandwich

Formaggio                                      Cheese

Dolci                                                Dessert

Grazie and ci vediamo!

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