Taking a glass elevator ride past Decks 6 through 10 which only have passenger cabins, let's head to the second most popular area of our cruise ship, Deck 11, where all of the pools (for adults and kids) and whirlpools are located.
Near the front end of the ship is the Solarium, the adults-only area. Deck chairs and "palm trees" surround the swimming pool with a wooden bridge crossing over it.

On each side of the pool are two cantilevered, glass-covered whirlpools...they extend a full 12-feet beyond the side of the ship. The large panels of glass allow for spectacular views of the water below you. This was one of my favorite places...

Located behind the Solarium is the main pool area with both a "Main" pool and "Sports" Pool. 
Everything from Ms. Biceps contests, line dancing, volleyball games, belly dancing and belly flop contests took place. There are three whirlpools and the large outdoor movie screen where current movies were played nightly.

The photo below was taken on an early morning sea day right after the brief 10-minute rain shower stopped. It was the only rain we had the entire cruise.
Later when the skies cleared and the sun came out, the deck chairs, pools and whirlpools were very crowded...

Both big kids and little kids enjoyed the H2O Zone, located in the area behind the main and sports pools. There is a very shallow area for young children containing very colorful sculptures that spray water. There are also two whirlpools plus a circular 3½-foot deep pool where adult guests can cool off.

The two photos below were taken from up on Deck 14...

Also on Deck 11 are the Windjammer Cafe and the Vitality at Sea Fitness Center. I'll include those in my next post.

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All photos in this post were taken by my husband and me during our Caribbean cruise in May, 2014.

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