I mentioned in my previous post that we chose not to eat breakfast at the hotel during our two-night, pre-cruise stay in San Juan.

During my research for our stay in San Juan I discovered Cafeteria Mallorca. Located on Calle San Francisco, we ate here both mornings for breakfast.

It got rave reviews for its food especially its namesake...the Mallorca. The reviews were correct, and the food did not disappoint. For around $20.00 we got all this:

Husband got his usual pancakes, scrambled eggs and crisp bacon. We both got freshly-squeezed orange juice (pricey, but worth the cost). And I got a egg, ham and bacon mallorca. What is a mallorca?

I describe it as a Puerto Rican panini sprinkled with powdered sugar. But it is much more than that. A mallorca is actually a crisp, buttery, sweetened bread (think brioche) that is baked in a spiral shape. Once out of the oven, it is sprinkled with copious amounts of powdered sugar. They can be eaten whole or split open and filled with egg, ham or other meats to be eaten as a meal, usually breakfast. Simply delicious. The buttery bread melts in your mouth and the powdered sugar adds an extra delight.

TIP: If the restaurant is crowded with locals, the food has to be good. 

Cafeteria Mallorca is located at 300 Calle San Francisco. 

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All photos were taken by me during our visit to San Juan in April, 2015.

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