Our first trip was back in 2002, so we were really excited that one of the port stops on our recent cruise was Aruba. It was the main reason we booked this cruise: we wanted to revisit Aruba.

On September 2, 2005, one of Aruba's most famous tourist attractions, the Natural Bridge, collapsed. Located on the much windier, northeastern side of the island, the natural bridge was formed out of the coral limestone. Years of trade winds pounding waves against the shore erodes the rocks and forms a cave. At the same time rainwater runs down the cracks into the rock gradually dissolving the limestone. Over the years the result will form a natural bridge. Below are photographs we took during our visit in 2002:

Before its collapse this natural bridge was the longest and highest in the Caribbean with an arch span of over 100 feet and a standing height of 23 feet above the sea.

We knew we wanted to see the remains of the collapsed natural bridge, so we rented a jeep once we departed the cruise ship. Even though it had been many years since we had been to Aruba, we remembered how to get to the other side of the island. NOTE: If you want to drive along the northeast coast, you have to rent a jeep. A car will not be able to maneuver the incredibly rocky terrain.

It was sad to see the fallen remains...

We even tried to duplicate the photo of my husband that we had taken all those years ago of him standing on the large boulder in front of the remains...

Fortunately there are other natural bridges along the beautiful northeast coast.

There is the Baby Natural Bridge...it's fun to climb up on the bridges for better views of the sea.

Ironically right next to the collapsed natural bridge is another pretty large natural bridge.

By climbing up on this bridge you can get a great view of the collapsed remains of the other natural bridge and the force of the waves that created all these natural bridges.

If you visit Aruba, don't just stay on the calmer "hotel" side. Explore the windy, eastern side. The turquoise water is crystal-clear...

and there are actually small beaches to enjoy.

Thank you for visiting.

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All photos were taken by me in December, 2015. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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