On my last post about our quick weekend trip to Atlanta, I gave you a brief tour of Centennial Olympic Park. Since our flight home on Sunday wasn't until late afternoon, we took the opportunity to walk back down to Centennial Olympic Park. It's only a 4-block walk to the park, and the weather on that Sunday morning was perfect.

As we walked through the park I noticed a 2-car tram-like street car stopped right across the street. Our progress through the park led us over to the SkyView Atlanta Ferris Wheel...

so I took the opportunity to walk over to the tram stop to see what it was. I asked a woman who was working there where did the tram traveled to and how much it cost. She said a complete circuit of the tram route took about 30 minutes, and it only cost $1.00 to ride. We had about another hour to fill before we needed to check out of the hotel so we decided to take a ride.  I mean, for $1.00, what did we have to lose, and it would give us a chance to see a little more of Atlanta.

It turns out the Atlanta Streetcar system is about 2.7 miles long and consists of 12 different stops in the heart of downtown Atlanta. It connects the Atlanta visitor from the area of Centennial Park to the Martin Luther King historical area.

The most famous stop on the route is of course the King Historic District stop.  Here across the street from the tram stop are both of the famous Ebenezer Baptist Churches:

The original church where Dr. King preached...

And the new church which was dedicated in 1999...
Within a block or two of these two churches are both Dr. King's birth home and the gravesite of Dr. King and his wife. I am really disappointed in my lack of research regarding this area. I had absolutely no idea that this historic area was so close to the area we were staying in. Well, a good reason for another quick weekend trip to Atlanta.

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All photos were taken by me during our visit to Atlanta in August, 2016. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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