Well, it was recently that time of year where stores decorate their windows for the holidays. Walking down Michigan Avenue (aka The Magnificent Mile) in Chicago on my way to work during the Christmas holidays, I was reminded of the photos that I took of different window displays during my recent trip to Europe. Ever since we bought the fancy Nikon, I've been experimenting more with the subjects I'm photographing and the composition.

In Brussels, I really liked this display of wine goblets in a window...

And in Brugge, this housewares store had a very colorful window display...

Of course, in Amsterdam, you would see these for sale:

If you aren't sure what time it is in Brugge, check out this display:

Also in Brugge, every other window display is:

or this:

Being in Delft, you have displays of knock-off Delftware (with images of paintings by Vermeer who is from Delft):

And of course there are the food displays.


Multiple flavors of gelato:

Which are created into concoctions like this: 

You can get one of these at DaVinci Ice Cream located at 34 Geldmuntstraat in Brugge.

You simply cannot visit Belgium without trying the chocolate.
The chocolate shops are as common as the lace shops:

Dumon Chocolates in Brugge cannot be missed!

And in Belgium, chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes:

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