Most experts agree that to be a more conscientious traveler, plus get more pleasure from your trip, it helps to know a few basic words of the language spoken in the country you will be visiting.

One thing I discovered when I traveled to Italy two years ago was how much I loved the Italian language.  It is such a wonderful language to learn.

So a unique feature that I'm going to include in my Europe travel blog will be a few words of Italian each day.  Now I'm not fluent in Italian by any means, but I have studied through Italian language podcasts from iTunes from LearnItalianPod.com for the past four years so I am somewhat familiar with the language.

Here are the first basic words you want to know when you travel to Italy:

                Si                                Yes

                No                               No

                Buon giorno                 Hello or Good morning.
                (Bwohn JOR-noh)

                Arrivederci                    Good bye (formal)

                Ciao                             Good bye (informal)

                Per favore                     Please
                (Pehr fa-VOR-ray)

                Grazie                          Thank you

I will continue to add to this vocabulary list in future blog posts. Until then, Grazie della visita e ci vediamo!

 Thank you for visiting,

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