Welcome!  I love traveling in Europe. Not only do I love traveling in Europe, but I love planning trips to Europe...thus the name of this blog. Now I'll admit that I'm not an expert in travel, but I have successfully planned and taken three different trips to Europe.

Those trips consisted of 6 days in Paris:

5 days in Rome:

and 8 days visiting Belgium and the Netherlands:

What does my "planning" consist of?  Well, that's kind of the purpose of this travel blog.  When I travel, I like to know every exact detail of what I'm going to visit in each city.  I meticulously make an itinerary so I know what I will see each day. (I don't want to visit a museum on the day it's closed.) I will have researched the public transportation systems in the cities visited, plus the transportation between cities such as train timetables and ticket prices.  I will pre-purchase anything I can to save the time of doing it once I've arrived in Europe.

So what's going to be different about this blog?  Well, maybe not much other than it will contain my opinions and recollections of what I do to plan a trip to Europe.  I'll include many photos of everything that I discuss in this blog.  Lastly, I will also include links to the information that I'll be discussing, plus useful travel websites that I've discovered in my trip planning.

Well, this is my first post. I'm an expert trip planner, but a total novice blogger. Hopefully as time goes by, this blog will get much better and provide you with lots of useful information and photos of Europe.

Until next time, thanks for taking the time to read these couple of paragraphs. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you for visiting,

A Great Europe Trip Planner

All photos were taken by me.

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