In the first post, I gave you the basic words--hello, good-bye, please, thank you.

In this second post, I'll give you a few more basic words to know when you visit Italy.

                           Mi scusi                              Excuse me.
                           (Me SKOO-see)

                           Dove è...?                           Where is...?
                           (DOUGH-vay eh)

                           Quanto costa?                     How much does it cost?
                           (KWAN-toe KOS-tah?)

                           Io mi chiamo...                    My name is...
                           (EEH-o me KEY-ah-mo)

Let's count from 1 to 10...

                           Uno                                    One

                           Due                                    Two

                           Tre                                     Three

                           Quattro                               Four

                           Cinque                                 Five
                           (CHEENG kway)

                           Sei                                       Six

                           Sette                                   Seven

                           Otto                                     Eight

                           Nove                                    Nine

                           Dieci                                    Ten

Grazie delle visita.

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