The final port stop on our upcoming cruise is St. Maarten which was our favorite stop on our previous cruise. We have decided not to partake in any specific shore excursion this time. For the previous three days we will busy with planned shore excursions on our stops in Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Kitts. For our final stop we have decided to take it at an easier pace.

There are two things I want to do on this visit: First, I want to go back over to the French side (St. Martin) and spend more time in Marigot. Last cruise our shore excursion only allowed for an hour's time in Marigot. I really enjoyed strolling through the outdoor market...
and chatting and haggling with the friendly, local women over their wares...


The other thing I want to do in Marigot is to go back to Sarafina's restaurant and bakery. I read about this place prior to our last trip, and we did manage to rush in and buy a couple of delicious bakery items. I'd like to go back and get some more!
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After spending a couple of hours in Marigot, we'll taxi back to Phillipsburg. There are two places that we know we want to revisit in Philipsburg that I wrote about in a previous post:

First is to go back to the beach on Great Bay. A water taxi travels back and forth from the cruise dock to a pier at the beach...it's a small beach, but it has some of the most beautiful water and softest sand I've ever seen and put my toes in.
The second must-visit is The Belgian Chocolate Box.

This small shop is located on Old Street, a small street just off Front Street, the main shopping street in Philipsburg. We purchased several pieces of both dark and white chocolate here...needless to say, we wished we had bought much more.

Sadly St. Maarten will be the last stop on our upcoming cruise. But once we have returned with many wonderful memories and photographs, I will be writing all about our adventures. And no doubt we will quickly be planning our next travel adventure.

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Unless noted, photos were taken by my husband and me during our Caribbean cruise in May, 2014.

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