After a day at sea, our second port stop will be Barbados. This will be as far south in the Caribbean we will have traveled since our trip to Aruba in 2002. This stop is one of the reasons we booked this cruise...I have always wanted to visit Barbados.  

We have booked our shore excursion for Barbados: We're going to descend 150 feet under the clear, turquoise Caribbean Sea aboard the Atlantis Submarine.
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Stepping down the ladder into the 48-person submarine...
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we dive as deep as 150 feet below the surface to view a shipwreck...
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and view beautiful coral reefs, colorful fish and various other marine life...
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Since this excursion is only 2½ hours long, this should leave us plenty of time to taxi into the capital town of Bridgetown. 

Through the center of Bridgetown runs the Constitution River, The wharf and river walk area at the lower part of the river is known to the locals as The Careenage (where smaller vessels would careen (or tilt) for repairs)...     © http://blog.aircanadavacations.com/beyond-beach-top-10-things-barbados/)
With the colorful buildings and restaurants along the promenade and impressive yachts, this area will provide many photos opportunities.
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The pedestrian-only Chamberlain Bridge, a swing bridge, spans the river between Independence Square and the National Heroes Square which features a bronze statue of British naval hero Admiral Lord Nelson.
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Across the street from National Heroes Square, the Parliament Building houses the third oldest Parliament in the British Commonwealth after Britain and Bermuda. It was founded in 1639 and the present buildings were completed in 1873...
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Originally consecrated in 1665, and then rebuilt in 1789 is St. Michael's Cathedral just a block from the Parliament Building. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I love old churches so this will be a must-see.
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With the possible underwater sights on the submarine and waterfront sights in Bridgetown, our stop in Barbados is bound to be memorable!

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