In a previous post I introduced you to the Waterlogue app. I am fascinated with its ability to take a photograph and turn it in a beautiful watercolor painting.

Although it has been several years since I've traveled to Europe, I still have wonderful (and wistful) memories of the places I visited. Therefore, I'm going to start a series of Waterlogue Wistfulness posts. I'll take a favorite photo from my travels and post it as a Waterlogue watercolor.

I visited the city of Delft during a trip to the Netherlands in 2010. Although the weather was awful that day with a cold, windy, drizzly rain, I thought Delft was such a charming city with its small canals and the beautiful Oudekerk and Nieuwekerk churches. I love this scene. It shows the architecture of the narrow buildings fronting the small canal, the wet, brick street next to the canal, the small bridges over the canal and bicycles which are so quintessentially Dutch.

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Photo taken by me during my visit to Delft in May, 2010.
Waterlogue image created by me

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