For this post of Waterlogue Wistfulness I show one of my favorite photos taken during my visit to the Keukenhof Gardens in 2010.

For 8 weeks every Spring, from mid-March to mid-May, an area known as the Bollenstreek, a triangle-shaped area stretching between Haarlem, The Hague and Leiden, is aglow with glorious colors. Everyone knows the Netherlands is famous for growing tulips. We've all seen pictures of the fields in brilliant color--rows and rows of brilliant reds, pinks and yellows. The fertile sandy soil plus the climate in this area make a perfect for the flowering bulbs to thrive.

In the middle of the Bollenstreek sits the Keukenhof Gardens. Every year over 7,000,000 flower bulbs (yes, SEVEN MILLION!) are planted each year. Every year the gardens are designed differently from the previous year; it takes 30 gardeners to plant the millions of bulbs each year. But seeing these fields yourself is a memorable experience.

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Photo taken by me during my visit to Delft in May, 2010.
Waterlogue image created by me

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