The second port stop on our cruise was Barbados, an island we have always wanted to visit. After our submarine excursion (more on that in another post) we took a taxi into Bridgetown. Taxis from the port to town are even cheaper here than in St. Thomas ($5.00 one way). During my research for the Barbados port stop I saw photos of the wharf and promenade along the Constitution River or Careenage as the locals call it: where smaller vessels would careen (or tilt) for repairs) which runs through the center of town, and I knew I really wanted to see it.

Here are my favorite views of the Careenage area of Bridgetown...the photos this time.

The pedestrian-only, swing bridge over the Constitution River...

The boats docked in the lower part of the river.

The promenade along the river.

The view from the Bridge House restaurant.
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All photos were taken by me during our visit to Barbados in April, 2015.

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